Google Assistant increasingly integrates with third-party products

Google Assistant

Last year Google launched Google Assistant as the natural relay of Google Now, a full-featured voice assistant, such as Cortana or Siri, their top competitors. Since then we have seen how, at the youngest for the Anglo-Saxon audience, the assistant has been receiving important news.

Spanish speakers, unfortunately, have to wait for Google to translate its wizard into one of the 3 most spoken languages worldwide. But until then we can also see how Google wants to extend more and more products and services to its assistant, who is starting to sneak into more than one third-party speaker.

Google Assistant extends to more products this year end

Last year, Amazon, which also launched its virtual assistant, decided that it could be used by developers from other companies for its products, such as the speaker that started Lenovo.

Google made the same decision in early 2017 so that developers from other companies could integrate Google Assistant into their products, although this could mean competition for Google Home.

Now, during the IFA, the US company is showing three new Google Assistant compatible speakers manufactured by Zolo, Mobvoi, and Panasonic, in addition to the integration with LG appliances. The end of all the steps that Google is giving is that in the near future you can control the washing machine or the dishwasher by voice commands, or simply from your mobile. It can see that the company is progressing in the area of integration with home automation.

Lets us see how Google is working hard enough for more and more users to control their home through their products. Something that, although it may seem quite innovative, may encounter the barrier of privacy. How safe is it to have a device specially made to listen to everything that happens in your house 24 hours a day?