You don’t need a voice to speak.

We will teach you how to express your mind only with your hands. Try the fun side of learning to communicate with everyone around the globe – try JustInSign. The first international sign language application.

Learning to speak means learning to understand

Show, don’t tell

Show others whatever is on your mind and understand what they are showing you. JustInSign will teach you to communicate with hearing impaired around the world.

No school, No teachers

It is up to you if you take small steps or huge leaps. You are free to take lessons ranging from advanced business transactions to easy weather expressions. We want you to learn whatever you need whenever you need at your own pace.

Learning by playing

When you feel you have studied enough, test your knowledge! Every successfully passed test will raise your score. Learn new lessons, try to beat your friends with your high score – or compete with others around the world.

Find a lesson for any situation

Want to introduce yourself to a deaf person? Try “Basic questions and answers” Looking for directions? Try the “Directions” lesson. Got something else in mind? We have 131 lessons for you to choose from.

We’ve included 3000 signs with more to come

We care about what you think. Send us feedback, rate or comment JustInSign on the App store. We are already preparing new lessons with topics like “Health” or “Holidays”.