The one app that can bring the whole deaf community together


The deaf community faces many struggles, and not being able to communicate within itself is one of them. That’s why we created JustInSign app for your smartphone. Read more and get excited!
People suffering from hearing loss are part of a strong and independent community. They live their lives the way they want. But there’s one thing they couldn’t do – talk to their friends from other countries. While there’s this myth about sign language being universal, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

American sign language is very different from Russian or Spanish sign language. While there are similarities across different versions of sign language, there was no easy way to talk to deaf strangers until now.

First International Sign Language application

Fortunately, there is such a thing as international sign language. Deaf people who wanted to travel abroad or meet their foreign friends had to find a lecturer who would teach them. That required money, time and effort but now there’s another way to learn. We are pleased to have created an educational application that will teach the international sign language to anyone who is interested in an easy and fun way.

The new, revolutionary way to learn

Now you can talk to your friends, to your lover or even to complete strangers from around the globe. How? The JustInSign app for your smartphone will teach you new sets of words and phrases. Learn anywhere and anytime – your smartphone is always in your pocket, after all!

We developed this app because we are part of the community – and we felt isolated when we couldn’t talk to foreigners. There are 360,000,000 people globally suffering from hearing loss. Not knowing the universal language means your world is hundred or even thousand times smaller. This is something we’d like to change. We want to be free.

JustInSign app

What’s more, you can start learning universal sign language completely for free. Just download the app and start – it’s easy as that. If you are satisfied, you can buy more lessons. Best of all, it’s easy and fun! You can compete with your friends and motivate each other to get better and better.